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George Burns

Postby jenniesloan86 on Sun Jan 25, 2009 9:50 pm

This is for you Kathryn.

And may I add that I was SO HAPPY when this woman brought this cat home, because I was really concerned you were going to bring home your 90th cat.

Anyway, this really sweet older lady just lost her cat a few months back in a freak accident (the cat jumped down fromt he stairs and slipped and snapped its neck...OMG) and was ready to bring home a new one. She couldn't decide between Pauline (that reallllly sweet tortie that I could NOT understand why noone adopted) or George so she brought them both home. I may have nudged a little... I mean what?

Anyway happy ending because
1. two really sweet kitties went home
2. Kathryn didn't bring home any more cats
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Re: George Burns

Postby Lena01 on Mon Aug 14, 2017 4:50 am

George Burns (born Nathan Birnbaum; January 20, 1896 – March 9, 1996) was an American comedian, actor, singer, and writer. He was one of the few entertainers whose career successfully spanned vaudeville, radio, film and television. His arched eyebrow and cigar-smoke punctuation became familiar trademarks for over three quarters of a century. He and his wife, Gracie Allen, appeared on radio, television, and film as the comedy duo Burns and Allen.
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