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Reeses the torti cat

Postby Fran on Tue Feb 03, 2009 9:28 pm

Hi everyone,

Not sure how many of you remember Reeses, the very sad torti cat. She was in the cat room, eventually was moved to the community room. By some quirk of fate, she was adopted at Bill's Wonderland back in September. Her new "mom" e-mailed me this evening with a long awaited update:

"Hi Fran! Thought you'd like to know how the little lady was doin. She adjusting to her new life more and more everyday. She doesn't put her back to us anymore and walks around the house like she owns the joint. Every night when the kids go to bed she comes down off the back of the couch (where she lays all day) and rubs against my husband and I and eventually winds up in our lap. She has adjusted well to the dog and other cat. My old one (18 yrs old) died beginning of December and thats when she seemed to come around. My grandparents sat with the kids on Saturday and for the entire day she curled up and fell asleep in my grandfathers lap who she had never met! She still growls at the other cat but we have come to think that is her way of talking. She does let me know when she is hungry and thirsty which is progress. Not very friendly with the kids yet but warms up to any adult that comes to visit. She has just started to sleep in other places of the house including our bed. Everyone who sees her thinks she is beautiful and sympathizes with her story. Every day she makes a little progress and reinforces the fact that the decision to bring her in our house was the right one. Will keep you updated and send pictures when I can.

Amy Williams"

I am so happy for this girl! She was so depressed and didn't have a very nice first few years -- having been neglected by her owners and they never even gave her a name. She was ultimately "dumped" at the neighbor's house when her so-called family moved. Her lucky day was to arrive at AWA. What a truly happy ending for this kitty that was very close to my heart!
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