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Postby Tanya on Wed Feb 04, 2009 3:45 pm

Hello, I should have updated a long time ago, but our friend closes his eyes in every picture! Let me tell you how blessed my family feels to have Tony. We adopted Tony and rescued another cat, Captain, while I was grieving over the loss of my first cat, Bailey. Together these two boys entered our crazy home of 2 parents, 2 young children and 4 other cats and added a whole new meaning to our lives. They brought back life and humor to a grieving household and reminded us how fun life should be. I think because of the never ending footsteps and noise, Tony stayed shy for a month or two, but grew out of that fast. He enjoys the company of ALL the other cats and esp. loves my husband. You can't read a book with Tony around .He loves the fire place- who wouldn't this winter! If he sees you entering the family room with wood, he runs and gets his spot and doesn't leave until his back is hot. He loves to cuddle and nap with the older cats, wrestle and stalk shadows with Captain. He carries a long stick with a feather at the end of it all around the house and makes the loudest murring noises. He is a comedian. He can never keep his eyes open for a picture! He enjoys all the bird feeders and talks to the squirrels. I think Tony and I were both lucky that September day when I brought him home. Thanks, Jesse for talking me into it.
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